Reinventing the Wheel (asmodeus1) wrote in armchair,
Reinventing the Wheel

The Evolution of Symmetry

Before anyone gets into a spat about the idea I'm tinkering with, I'm just think of a creative solution to my need to believe in determinism and many theories, which seem to undermine this.

Having considered chaos theory and quantum mechanics. I have become stuck considering the foundations of mathematics, which I have become accustomed to believe are true.

It's been difficult to consider an indeterminant universe. It seems to go against everything we believe is true.

With the exception of it being difficult to accept new ideas, I began wondering why I was so adverse to this idea. It seemed to take away from reality, in a way. I then considered why the idea seemed so foreign.

Randomness makes order a difficult proposition. I wondered why chaos theory appeared so orderly. Nature seems to be filled with an apparent order.

I decided to take a closer look at where the confusion started. Mathematics is the relationships of numbers we use to describe events in nature.

There are symbols and placement holders. There are even and odd numbers. Mathematics seems to work on the premise of there being expected arrangements. However, not all arrangements appear to be as symmetric.

Prime numbers appear to be asymmetric. Most things in nature appear symmetric in one form or another. However, chaos theory seems to show all things having an asymmetric arrangement.

Some people attribute this asymmetry to the randomness found in quantum mechanics. I began to consider asymmetry and all of the qualities of this phenomena. I considered whether symmetry could ever spawn from asymmetry.

The answer appeared to be no. I then wondered whether asymmetry could approach symmetry. This seemed a bit more conceivable.

If asymmetry could approach symmetry, somewhat of an order could be established. I then wondered whether this, close-to, symmetry could be maintained.

If maintenance of this symmetry could be established, maybe more complex relationships could form. With every increase in complexity, a new type of reality could form.

Whatever was established would have to be maintained in order for the symmetry to continue. I began considering how something could continue to exist. Evolution was one of the first ways, which came to mind.

It seemed to satisfy chaos theory and the inherent randomness of quantum mechanics. The interpretation would just be different.

We have a basic need for survival and order. This idea seems to reflect these natural instincts.

In a way, we would be creating a bubble within chaos. Chaos would still exist, but in a more reliable fashion.

This idea probably is far from perfect. I might be crucifying an idea, which already exists. I'm unsure.

I curious to know what others think about this idea.
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