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I'm new so I thought I'd do what everyone else seems to have done and write a little introduction to who I am.

My name is Benjamin, 22, and I'm a full time philosophy student at University of Birmingham, England. I'm from a little place just down the road called the Black Country. Our most famous exports are Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Wonderstuff, Dexys Midnight Runners and Pop Will Eat Itself. As you can see, we're low on cultural heritage.

As far as philosophy goes, I enjoy reading/discussing meta-ethics, existentialism, metaphysics and I've recently been drawn into Personal Identity. There are far too many philosophers to list that I've enjoyed reading, and almost as many that I haven't. I'm currently battling with a disertation on Argument From Design and an essay on Philosophy of Language- if anyone wants to write them for me, please contact me. My highest grade was in logic. As this confirmed my nerd status, I was not pleased.

I play in 2 bands- one who have minor success but nothing else, and one who are unheard of but have a single coming out next month. I'm married, I get bored easily and sometimes only Curtis Mayfield can keep me sane.

Be gentle with me.
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