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an intro and a ramble.

Good evening to you all. I hope this kind of thinking is appropriate here.

I thought that I would introduce myself before I start to ramble. I am Vertizart, a freelance artist from Melbourne, Australia. If anyone is interesting in talking or finding out more about me, feel free to pop into my journal and have a browse. I'm rather new to this livejournal business, so please forgive any faux pas on my account. I should probably include this post involves mentions of animals and their natural activities. So killing etc.

I've been watching David Attenborough's 'The Life of Mammals", and tonight, in Australia, re-screened the final in the series. Something I have noticed while watching the documentaries, is the social interactions of the animals. You have the cats and the dogs, their packs and their hierarchy's. For all the beauty that lies inherent in nature, there is also inherent crueltly, such as the fox that kills the lamb to eat only its tail and its tongue. What I found interesting, for all the evolutionists out there (of which I am one) was how incredibly similar the behaviour of monkeys and chimps and various apes proves to be.

It is on this note, that I found a rather interesting point. As each animal is profiled, and as each animal becomes closer to what most humans consider to be our 'ancestors' if you will, the more cruel their social behavior is. Most mammals will not kill their own kind. Orcas, or Killer Whales, while rather vicious creatures will not actively hunt another of its species. A Chimp however, will not only hunt and kill other primates, but they actively gang up on members of their own clan en masse and brutally maim the creature, leaving it for dead and therefore ensuring it's demise in the canopy above.

How reminiscient is this of gang culture? We see it on the news everyday, some of us are even personally involved. It makes me wonder at what the accepted term of 'civilized' has come to mean. We often say that the ape, as it makes its way down the road of evolution, to supposedly become human, complete with social structure, concsience, and what we term as 'civilized behaviour' is becoming a higher intellectual being. But what is more civilized? The animal that kills others out of necessity, wasting little of the carcass that remains; or the animal that in a group, gangs up on another of it's own kind and ensures its death in the most brutal manner possible, using nothing of the carcass to contribute to the health and the well being of the group as a whole?

Just a thought swimming in the depths of my brain.

(sorry if you read this anywhere else, it's x-posted to another community)
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